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This post http://spikesgirl58.livejournal.com/1662171.html by spikesgirl58 made me think about tattoos and piercings again! So far there are no tattoos upon my person, but that will change! The weird thing is that I'm not all that worried about the pain, I think I will be able to hande that. No, the thing that kinda scare me is the whole "going into a tattoo parlor to talk to a tattoo artist" bit. Yeah, the joys of being shy. I have a friend who has offred to go with me, so I will just have to find a day we both have the time. Going in for a piercing is a bit easier, It's more drop-in then getting a tattoo.


To be honest I would love to get more piercings in my ears. But the thing is that my ears are very small, so there is not really any room for anything more! Were my ears built for it, I would have gotten an industrial by now. There is some room for an helix however, so I might get that one day.

For the aesthetic!!

So, I went ahead and bought this the other day.

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I was at H&M with a friend here the other day, and as usual they were playing music over their sound system. And they played this song.

My friend typed down some of the lyrics on her phone, and thus she was able to find the song on youtube later that evening. So I've spent some time this weekend listning to this artist whom I had never heard of before.

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Character development in M*A*S*H

I'm watching some episodes of the first season of M*A*S*H right now. I used to watch it quite often back in middle and high school, but I have not watched in in years. Also, I have never seen all the episodes of this show. I kinda just watched those seasons in the middle or something I guess.

And I really notice how Radar changed from the first seasons! Now in season one he drinks, smokes Henry's cigars when he's not looking and appear to be rather wordly, a bit sly, and is knowlegeable about things like the black marked and such. But then later he becomes really innocent and acts as though he has never had a drink in his life? I do like naive country boy Radar quite a lot, but I do also think it's a bit weird to have a character do a 180 like this.

On the upside, I do think that Hawkeye becomes less of a dick in the later seasons. I like him well enough in season one now, but I would say he and Trapper does act a bit too nasty for me to wholly enjoy them in the begining.  I guess some of it can be chalked up to what TV Tropes refers to as "early instalment weirdness"

Movie weekend

This weekend I've spent some time watching my two favorite movies :)

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Time to sew


I finaly have an adjustable dress form for all my sewing needs! The waistcoat that is hanging on it is not one I have made. I bought it in a second hand shop and I'm now working on adjusting it so it will fit me. :)


A very exiting update

Well, not really. But it's something that I'm very pleased that I have finally done. :) I have bought a new electric kettle!


My old kettle was getting moody. Turning off before the water was boiling, and sometimes makeing  sounds that I found a bit scary comming from something electric. I hope til one will last a good while. :)



This is how far I have come on my newest knitting project! :) It will become a pair of stockings. I have not done anything with it since Christmas, but I think I will have to pick it up again now.

Jam and Contentment

Title: Jam and Contentment
Fandom: Father Ted
Characters/Ship: Father Ted Crilly and Father Dougal McGuire, a fair amount of hinting towards Ted/Dougal
Plot: Ted has told Dougal that he is not to eat jam straight from the bowl. But the jam is very good, it's not that much left of if, and Dougal is willing to share.
A/N: Just a very short and silly fic that popped into my head today.

jam with strawberry and raspberryCollapse )

It's a new year!

The normal signs of a new year is all around me.

The shop is full of books about diet and exercise, people come in to exchange the Christmas gifts they did not need/want/got two of, and most of the sales I make is for various kinds of calendars.

Yup, same procedure as last year.


That feeling when...

Most of the fandom you have been able to find ship something that you absolutly can't stand! *grumble, grumble*

I don't think I'll ever be convinced of the Sid/Sulivan ship. To me, they have absolutly no chemistry at all. Ship and let ship and all that, it's just a bit dull when most of the fandom loves a character and a ship that you do not even like. Yeah....I actually don't like Sulivan all that much either to be honest.

I'm just going to be the awkward one who thinks slighty pervy stuff about Father Brown himself ;) I'm always into the kind and cuddly type.


Balin wink

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